Monday, July 6, 2015

Theme Songs...That I Seem To Live By

Another week has gone by and I find myself in front of the computer screen late in the day on Monday...way past the scheduled time that I normally post here on STANDOUTgirl. However, life gets in the way with packing and moving back to college and well, things just get pushed aside until later in the day. 
While I really would love to write a post deep from the heart I thought I would take today's post and share something a little different and fun! So the thing is, I LOVE music inspires me, keeps me going, and makes me feel like I am in a different year (retro music). Thus, when I find those songs that speak to me or seem to encompass EVERYTHING I love by and base my life around I fall head over heals in love with the song, learn every word, buy the song, add it to my playlist, and listen to it over and over. 

While I would easily go on and on about all of these songs I will let them speak for sit back grab a pair of ear buds and let the music movie you:)

#1- Wait for Me by Rebecca St. James

#2- Hide Your Love Away by Anthem Lights

About The Song:

#3- I'll Wait for You by Moriah Peters

#4- Haven't Even Kissed by Moriah Peters

#5- Looking For a Girl by OBB
Couldn't Find a good video so you can check out their song on iTunes.
TOTALLY worth listening to:)

The more you hear me talk about my life and the standards that I live by the more you would realize that I kinda live out these songs every day or rather than my guidelines for life line up with these songs. Nothings wrong with that though, because now I have life Theme Songs:)
I hope you enjoyed listening to these songs and maybe even found a few new favorite tunes!! 

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